Bundesrat joins call for industrial electricity price

In its meeting on 29 September, the Bundesrat joined the call for an industrial electricity price and a reduction of the electricity tax.

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According to a statement, the representation of the federal states calls for an internationally competitive industrial electricity price for energy-intensive and foreign trade-dependent companies. In a resolution, the Bundesrat asked the Federal Government to further elaborate the concept for a bridge and transformation price as soon as possible and in coordination with the European Commission.

Industrial companies need a clear perspective that sufficient reliable and cheaply produced electricity from renewable energies is available and that they can continue to produce competitively at their location as well as profitably refinance the necessary investments in a climate-friendly transformation.

Previously, associations and trade unions of the energy-intensive industries - including the paper and glass industry - as well as the DGB, had demanded a quick decision for an effective bridge electricity price for Germany.

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