Canada, AB: Labatt invests in expansion of its Calgary-based Banded Peak Brewing

Labatt Breweries has invested US$9.6 million into funding the expansion of its Calgary-based Banded Peak Brewing, The Drinks Business reported on December 15.

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Canadian brewing giant Labatt bought Banded Peak back in 2020, but this marks its first wave of support for the brewery which has gained a new a state-of-the-art lab along with more than 7,000 square feet to its original 4,800 square foot space.

According to the company, the investment from Labatt has also funded a bulk grain silo on site in a bid to reduce plastic use in malt shipping as well as coveted the costs of upgraded brewing equipment.

During the expansion, the brewery’s current team has grown by 68%, creating new jobs for front of house, logistics and brewery operations.

Banded Peak Brewing co-founder Colin McLean said: “We’re thrilled that this investment will allow us to continue bringing Calgarians more selections from Banded Peak.“

McLean explained: “This investment cements the fact that we are steadfast in our commitment to producing our beer locally, with new jobs, local ingredients and the type of innovation that continues to make Calgary a great place to live – and work.”

Labatt Breweries of Canada vice president, craft and high end Chad Patterson added: “We’re proud to be able to contribute to our community through this investment. From day one, Banded Peak has brewed local craft beer for Albertans and beyond, and this investment from Labatt will enable the necessary next steps to ensure that Albertans can continue to enjoy locally brewed Banded Peak beer for years to come.”

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