Canada: Barley production expected to fall 34% this year

Stats Can released new crop production figures last week and there are more details on the report, which highlighted much lower production due to summer drought.

Canada: Barley production expected to fall this year
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The report says Canadian barley production this year will fall 34 percent to 7.1 million tonnes.

Yields are down 38 percent to 44 bushels an acre.

Oat production will drop 44 percent to 2.6 million tonnes. Average oat yields are projected at 60 bushels an acre this year.

Soybean production will drop 7.4 percent to 5.9 million tonnes.

Total wheat production is expected to be down 38 percent to 21.7 million tonnes.

In Saskatchewan, the average yield is estimated at 28 bushels an acre, down 39 percent.

Canola production in Canada is the lowest since 2010, estimated at 12.8 million tonnes.

Canola yields in Saskatchewan are projected at 21 bushels an acre, down 50 percent.