Canada, BC: Burnaby’s Studio Brewing to shut down soon

Studio Brewing, one of only three breweries in Burnaby, will shut down soon, Burnaby Now reported on December 2.

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The brewery posted the news on its Instagram account Saturday, Dec. 2.
"It's with the heaviest of hearts we announce that Studio Brewing will be closing permanently," the post stated.

Studio Brewing's last day will be Friday, Dec. 22 after three years in business.

"These challenging times have unfortunately been too much for our little business to survive, much less thrive, but we hold our heads high knowing we did everything we could."

The post cited costly delays, consumer preferences moving away from craft beer, and challenging economic times as reasons for the closure.

"It was a dream of ours to find an underserved area, set up shop and begin to hone our craft, while bringing people together and strengthening out community. There are many others like us out there, and we ask that you please support your local craft brewery - it's tough out there and it means more than you know."

The post thanked the brewery's staff and customers.

"Gutting!" wrote one social media user in a comment on the post. "South Burnaby is gonna suck without you all."

"Heartbreaking," said another. "So sorry to hear the terrible news. Y'all brewed some great beer."

The news comes just months after city council voted to look into how to encourage craft breweries to set up shop in Burnaby.

Burnaby currently has three breweries throughout the city: Studio Brewing (5792 Beresford St.), Dageraad Brewing (114-3191 Thunderbird Cres.) and Steamworks (3845 Williams St.).

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