Cooperation between Wikinger Met and EMP

WALDEMAR BEHN and EMP are launching a Germany-wide cooperation for original Viking mead.

Cooperation between Wikinger Met and EMP
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Hardly any other drink enjoys greater and more timeless popularity than mead. The cult honey wine has long since established itself not only at relevant festivals of the medieval and metal scene, but also in supermarkets. Since the end of the 1990s, WALDEMAR BEHN has been watering thirsty throats with the popular drink of the gods. Nowadays, it's hard to imagine German music and cultural events without Original Wikinger Met. So a cooperation with EMP Exclusive Merchandise Products, Europe's No. 1 in rock & entertainment merchandising, was an obvious choice. Viking fans are in for a surprise: the Original Wikinger Met is now adorned with an overhang from the e-commercer EMP. If you buy a bottle of Original Wikinger Met, you will receive a discount of 10 euros at EMP.

Both WALDEMAR BEHN and EMP are pleased about the cooperation.
"Wikinger Met and EMP complement each other in many ways. EMP supplies the music, the merch and the Viking mead as a suitable drink for a successful Viking party. Our products are therefore a must-have at many parties. And just as parties are starting up again in many places, I am full of confidence that our collaboration is just the beginning of many more great collaborations. Skål to our partnership and to all the Vikings we can make happy with it!", says Jennifer Sieverding, Online Marketing Manager Affiliate & Cooperations at EMP.

Gabriele Knigge, Head of Marketing at WALDEMAR BEHN, is also enthusiastic about the partnership and looks to the future with confidence: "The partnership between EMP and Wikinger Met is simply a perfect fit. Vikings, metal fans to the cosplay scene will find everything they need for a cult festival with EMP and Wikinger Met. We still have many ideas in mind that fans of the scene can look forward to."

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