DLG medals for Hoepfner Porter, Goldköpfle and Jubelbier

Karlsruhe beer specialties achieve top results - taste sensations rewarded with three gold medals

A reason to celebrate: DLG medals for Hoepfner Porter, Goldköpfle and Jubelbier
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Source:  Company news

Hoepfner Brewery was recently recognized by the DLG (German Agricultural Society) Food Test Center for the outstanding quality of its beers. The brewery had achieved one of the best overall results in the DLG's toughest product quality test competition.

The award-winning beers had to pass extensive laboratory and sensory tests. The original gravity, alcohol content, apparent extract, degree of fermentation, beer color, pH value and biological shelf life are also examined, and a bitter determination is carried out. Finally, a declaration test takes place. Beers that pass the expert tests are awarded DLG medals in gold, silver or bronze. In addition to the DLG medal, each gold award-winning beer also receives a taste profile defined by experts.

The highest scores were awarded to Hoepfner Porter, as well as Goldköpfle and Jubelbier.
The Hoepfner beer trio convinced the testers in the categories to be evaluated - full-bodied taste, successful bitterness and freshness.

"We are very proud and especially pleased about the renewed award. It rewards our high standards in the craft of brewing, our creativity with a simultaneous commitment to tradition, and the use of the best, sustainable quality raw materials based on the Purity Law ", says Willy Schmidt, Managing Director.

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