Drunk hedgehogs are picked up by the police

In advance, good news for all concerned animal lovers: both hedgehogs are doing well again.

Drunk hedgehogs are sober again.
© Verein der Zooparkfreunde in Erfurt e.V.

A concerned passer-by had contacted the Erfurt police in mid-June 2018, as she had discovered two hedgehogs that were clearly not doing well.

A police patrol car found the two hedgehogs in a playground, where they were lying motionless next to a broken eggnog bottle. The two hedgehogs had been enjoying the eggnog and were completely drunk.

The police officers took the prickly pigs to the Thuringian Zoopark in Erfurt so that they could sleep off their drunkenness there under expert supervision.

Even if this story seems rather funny at first, it still had serious consequences for the two hedgehogs. Both hedgehogs fell into a coma and had to be sobered up for days. One hedgehog even received an infusion. One prickly pig could finally be released into the wild after a few days on the grounds of the Thuringian Zoo Park. The other hedgehog followed his colleague into freedom a few days later, also on the grounds of the Thuringia Zoo Park. The two will now probably give eggnog bottles a wide berth.

Please always dispose of garbage properly and do not simply leave it lying around. People and animals could have been seriously injured here. Fortunately, the story just ended well for the two hedgehogs.