EUWID market report on used PET bottles: High prices jeopardise demand for recyclates

In April, prices for PET recyclates and used deposit bottles continued to rise.

Used PET bottles: High prices jeopardise demand for recyclates
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Source:  Company news

However, the resistance of processors is growing, say recyclers. The prices are so high that more and more customers from the film and fibre industry are dropping out or ordering fewer quantities of flakes and regranulates because virgin material is cheaper and has recently fallen in price. Up to now, preform manufacturers have still been buying these "freed-up" quantities.

Recyclers criticise that the used bottles are too expensive and that this would drive up the prices for flakes and regranulates, which could ultimately choke off demand for recyclates. "I see no reason for higher bottle prices," said a well-known market participant in an interview with EUWID.

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