Evonik: Aseptic Packaging – Done simpler, smarter, bolder and better

From a morning orange juice or glass of milk to a rejuvenating energy drink, we all rely on beverage and dairy manufacturers to ensure that the drinks we enjoy are not only refreshing, but also safe to consume. Major beverage and dairy manufacturers are challenged to find easy-to-use and cost-effective chemistries to treat harmful microorganisms encountered during the packaging process.

Evonik: Aseptic Packaging – Done simpler, smarter, bolder and better
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From closure systems to bath, spray or vapor sterilization of cartons or PET bottles, Evonik offers a robust portfolio of peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide based sterilants and sanitizers to meet the evolving demands of low-acid, high-acid aseptic and extended shelf life applications in the beverage packaging market. Evonik's hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid sterilants provide optimal sterility that meet your aseptic beverage packaging needs, yet have minimal environmental impact, by breaking down into benign by-products after use.

Aseptic packaging is used to protect food and beverages all along the supply chain. It guarantees a high quality of the packed food stuff combined with a long shelf life. As consumer demand grows for preservative-free ‘natural’ beverages and for products with additional benefits, nowadays a vast variety of food and beverage products are aseptically packaged in cartons, pouches, cups or bottles. Aseptic packaging utilizes hydrogen peroxide or peracetic acid for the sterilization of the packaging material and machines and enables the introduction of gently bottled beverages without additional thermal stress or added preservatives. .

Evonik is a trusted partner to the aseptic packaging industry, supplying OXTERIL®, DUROX® and CLARITY® products with superior quality and outstanding technical service, specially designed for the use in state-of-the-art aseptic packaging technologies. Our continuous product innovation in close cooperation with our customers and leading aseptic machine manufacturers (OEMs) allows us to provide technology tailored cutting-edge products in order to accompany today's market trends and meet industry requirements.