Fruit juice scores points with consumers for regionality, organic and reusable

Germany remains the world champion in fruit juice consumption with 30 litres per capita, even though the difficult Corona situation led to a slight decline of 0.5 litres last year. 

Germany remains the world champion in fruit juice consumption
© Verband der deutschen Fruchtsaft-Industrie e.V. (VdF)
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When buying fruit juices, consumers are increasingly attaching importance to regionality, organic quality and reusable packaging. Compared to 2019, these values have increased significantly. This is the result of a current consumer survey conducted on behalf of the Association of the German Fruit Juice Industry (VdF).    

About half of the respondents, and thus 9 percent more than in the previous year, prefer regional fruit juices. Almost 50 percent also prefer fruit juices in returnable glass bottles, which is an increase of 7 percent compared to 2019. The fact that a fruit juice is of organic quality is important for 42 percent of respondents. Here, too, the increase is 7 per cent.

Uncertainty about fruit content

83 percent of the respondents said that the fruit content was a decisive factor in their choice.
However, this is contrasted by a certain uncertainty on the part of consumers, who often do not know that by law fruit juice must always have a fruit content of 100 per cent. It also does not matter whether it is direct juice or juice from fruit juice concentrate. Therefore, it is not surprising that about two thirds of the respondents attach particular importance to the fact that it is a direct juice when buying, although both forms of supply are of equal quality.

In the case of a fruit nectar, the fruit content may be lower. The minimum fruit content varies depending on the type of fruit and can be between 25 and 50 percent. This is also prescribed by law. Here, especially those juices are taken into account that would not taste good pure or would be too thick for a drink, such as currant or rhubarb, peach or banana.

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