Campaign for the start of school - "Gerosaurs" make children want to drink water

How can you motivate children to drink water in a playful way? After all, Gerolsteiner mineral water from the Volcanic Eifel has a lot to offer: It is a refreshing thirst quencher, provides important minerals such as calcium and magnesium and has zero calories.

"Gerosaurs" make children want to drink water
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The new campaign of the Gerolsteiner fountain, which is aimed at pre-school and primary school children and their parents, focuses on fun and entertainment. Just in time for the start of school, the mineral spring from the Volcanic Eifel once again sends the popular G-Rex and his dinosaur friends to the starting line. But this time, the three gerosaurs are not the only ones decorating the labels of the limited design edition. An animated mini-series on YouTube brings the strong G-Rex, the clever Mina and the always a little chaotic Sparky to life and invites fans young and old to accompany the three on their adventures.

The Limited Edition has already been available since July (week 27): the three Gerolsteiner mineral waters Sprudel, Medium and Naturell in the 0.33 l PET non-returnable bottle present themselves with a surrounding label design in dinosaur look. The compact container is ideal as a companion at school. A QR code on the bottle labels leads to a landing page with the adventures of G-Rex & Friends.

Mini-series kicks off in August: showing how mineral water is produced in a child-friendly way
The centrepiece of the campaign "G-Rex & Friends - Adventures in Eifelstein" will be launched in August with a slight time delay: a mini-series on YouTube. It consists of a 3-minute opener and two further episodes of 2 minutes each. The 3D films make it possible for children to experience how mineral water is produced. They tell the story of the place where the three little gerosaurs live and how they protect the magical spring lake. The first episode will go live on YouTube on 7 August and will also be integrated into the G-Rex landing page and accompanied by influencers and on Pinterest. The next two adventures will follow later in August. A competition to win Mina's bag, G-Rex's cap, Sparky's skate and a dinosaur helmet will conclude the campaign in September.

The label design and the original campaign idea were developed by, Hamburg, while M.A.R.K.13, Stuttgart, was responsible for the animation.

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