Hamburg Beer Week 25.08. - 29.08.2021

Hamburg Beer Week is a decentralized beer festival, conceived and implemented by a creative collective of breweries, beer stores and gastronomies. Especially in these times we stick together and want to show you that we are there for you. Together we celebrate the art of beer in Hamburg in a pandemic way.

Hamburg Beer Week 25.08. - 29.08.2021
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The HHBW Pale Ale is already available:
In the Middle Ages, Hamburg was the brewing center of the Hanseatic League. More than 500 breweries lined up along the canals. It was Hamburg's quality beer that made the city rich. And today? Today, Hamburg is one of the largest centers of creative beer culture in Germany. The HHBW festival brew is liquid proof of that. Our #HHBW Pale Ale is a community brew that has been brewed with a lot of creativity and claim to the best brewing traditions. A flagship for Hamburg Beer Week 2021, with which the brewers want to show that Hamburg as a beer city has found its way into the modern age.

All 18 brewers contributed a bottle of water, a handful of malt, and a pinch of hops from their brewery on brew day at Landgang Brewery to give the beer the spirit of their own brewery and give it an inimitable note. We can be proud of this cohesion and of the Hamburg beer scene. We as Hamburg restaurateurs, brewers, and especially we initiators of Hamburg Beer Week are.

Jens Hinrichs from Bunthaus Brewery, Udo Spallek from Kurtkursiv/Emilienbier, Brian Schlede from BrewCraft, Daniel Hertrich and Axel Ohm from ÜberQuell Brewery. All of them passionate restaurateurs and brewers who stand for a creative, high-quality beer and hospitality culture.

We think: It's time to take it to the next level.

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