HEISSER WIKINGER MET: Winter drink of the year

Dark, short winter days, marked by bitter cold and snow, are not uncommon in the far north. But even the ancient Vikings knew how to warm themselves from the inside in icy temperatures - with hot honey wine. Mulled wine, punch and grog can dress warmly this winter, because Hot Viking Mead revives old, almost forgotten traditions and still gives benevolent warmth today.

HEISSER WIKINGER MET: Winter drink of the year
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The balanced sweetness of honey, refined with selected winter spices, makes the mead the winter drink of the year. Hot Viking mead promises pure, unadulterated enjoyment thanks to the natural sweetness of the purest honey, without added sugar. Braving the cold the Viking way? Simply heat the mead gently and experience the fascination of the Vikings at first hand.

Profile of Hot Viking Mead
- 0.75 litre bottle
- 10% vol.
- RRP 4.99 EUR
- available now