Innovative hat trick: Fassbrause Melon Grapefruit, OeTea Lemon and Natur Radler

All good things come in threes: After meeting the tastes of many customers last year with four new non-alcoholic products, we are now launching two more new thirst-quenchers: This spring, we are sending a second iced tea in returnable glass bottles and a fourth type of keg fizzy drink into the race. In addition, the Natur Radler is now available in a larger container. But first things first.

Original OeTTINGER Fassbrause Melone Grapefruit
© Oettinger Brauerei GmbH, Original OeTTINGER Fassbrause Melone Grapefruit
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Original OeTTINGER OeTea© Lemon: The second iced tea classic.
Often requested and now finally here: the original OeTTINGER OeTea© Lemon. This new addition complements the Original OeTTINGER OeTea© Peach, which has already been extremely successful after just one year, with the second most popular iced tea flavor in Germany. In the Original OeTTINGER OeTea© Lemon, an intense lemon note meets a subtle tea note, evoking the best childhood memories. In the blue crate and filled in the sustainable 0.5-liter returnable bottle, the new OeTea© is immediately recognizable as a member of the OeTTINGER family. 

Original OeTTINGER Fassbrause Melon Grapefruit: Green and delicious
Fassbrause inspires young and old and enjoys ever-increasing popularity. After the successful varieties Mango, Lemon and Raspberry Mint, OeTTINGER brings another taste experience to the beverage shelf: Original OeTTINGER Fassbrause Melone Grapefruit surprises with its combination of sweetness and slight acidity. Based on hopped barley malt extract and pure brewing water, the result is a fruity and tart refreshing drink that is exclusively available from our brewery. The green eye-catcher is offered in a handy and sustainable 0.33-liter returnable glass bottle six-pack.

Original OeTTINGER Natur Radler: Now also in large bottles
The steadily growing demand in the "Naturtrübe Radler" segment continues unabated. We have therefore provided our growth drivers with another container. In addition to the iconic 0.33-liter Steinie bottle, the original OeTTINGER Natur Radler is now also available in the larger and slimmer 0.5-liter NRW bottle. Even more space for 50% finest Original OeTTINGER full beer and 50% naturally cloudy lemonade with the taste of sun-ripened lemons and oranges. 

Last year 2020, in addition to its first iced tea, the Original OeTTINGER OeTea© Peach, our brewery had also launched the Original OeTTINGER Fassbrause Raspberry Mint, the Original OeTTINGER Glorietta Apple Cherry and the Original OeTTINGER Natur Radler non-alcoholic into the turbulent market, thus proving its strength in the non-alcoholic segment.

"The resounding success of our new products from the previous year shows us that we are right on target with current trends and customer wishes. That's why we're continuing to expand our product range here," says our Managing Director Peter Böck, explaining the 2021 new product strategy. "Whether it's an iced tea classic or a keg brew innovation - we're at the forefront!"

For the sake of the environment
Without frills, self-branding, or additional packaging, we have long relied on environmentally friendly returnable pool bottles and standard crates for our broad product range. We work almost exclusively with local raw materials and deliver directly from our four brewing locations throughout Germany. Thanks to the short transport routes, we thus make a further contribution to climate protection.

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