'Helbings fine friends': Helbing Kümmel stands up for the diversity of Hamburg's gastronomy and event scene with limited edition

For the first time in its more than 180-year history, Hamburg-based cult Kümmel and market leader Helbing Kümmel is launching a strictly limited special edition, which has been available exclusively at helbing-shop.de since March 17, 2021 for an RRP of €10.99.

Limited Edition 'Helbings feine Freunde'
© Heinrich Helbing GmbH, Limited Edition 'Helbings feine Freunde'
Source:  Company news

Under the motto "Just let others go first - that's the way it should be", the unmistakable Helbing label makes room for friends from Hamburg's gastronomy and event scene, with whom Helbing has always been closely associated. Also on board are casual concept stores that characterize Hamburg's cityscape and with whom Helbing cultivates deep friendships. It is precisely this cohesion, the diverse community and the wonderful counter conversations with inspiring personalities that are to be celebrated with this edition.

To mark the occasion, the Limited Edition is adorned with the colorful logos of the numerous Helbing friends and scene icons that characterize Hamburg's nightlife in particular and attract revellers and friends of good taste from all over the world. In a world where many things seem uncertain, Helbing is an anchor and brings people together. The colorful variety of logos on the distinctive silhouette of the Helbing bottle shows that old and new, tradition and zeitgeist harmonize wonderfully, and that these connections produce something very special of which Helbing Kümmel is proud as Hamburg's oldest spirit.

The friends pictured are, of course, only a small selection - unfortunately, the Helbing label is not that big after all. With this edition, however, Helbing Kümmel toasts all those who shape the home of Helbing Kümmel with their passion, a cosmopolitan outlook and Hanseatic ease!

Helbing Kümmel already recently supported Hamburg's gastronomy as part of the "Kehrwieder Paket" - the culinary box of top chef duo Fabio Haebel and Tim Mälzer, the sales proceeds of which went to the Hamburger Gastronomie Hilfsfond.

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