Mangaroca Batida boosts sales with free shower care

Sustainable and trendy: this is how the cult coconut liqueur Mangaroca Batida presents itself at the POS with an on-pack promotion from May 2023. Every 0.7-litre bottle of the creamy classic comes with a free solid shower care product without silicones or microplastics. With this promotion, Mangaroca Batida ensures increased visibility and additional purchase impulses.

Mangaroca Batida boosts sales with free sustainable on-pack
© Henkell Freixenet
Source:  Company news

Mangaroca Batida is growing faster than the coconut liqueur market as a whole and was able to increase its market share again last year. With an attractive on-pack promotion, the new number one in the coconut liqueur market is further boosting sales this year. "The solid shower care as a free addition serves the needs of a young, modern target group that values sustainability," says Jan Rock, Head of Communication at Henkell Freixenet. "The limited-time promotion creates desire, promotes impulse purchases and thus ensures on-top sales in retail."

With the on-pack promotion, Mangaroca Batida is focusing on sustainable values: the high-quality solid shower care is made in Germany. It is vegan, packaged plastic-free and contains neither silicones nor microplastics. The turquoise shower care with cockatoo motif - based on the brand logo - attracts attention and promises an exotic coconut scent and a pleasant foam. From May, shoppers will not only be able to taste the popular coconut liqueur, but also smell and feel it - a brand experience with all the senses.

The 0.7-litre bottle of Mangaroca Batida de Côco with 16 % vol. will be available from May at an RRP of 9.99 euros in a 1⁄4-chep display with 36 bottles. Of these, 18 promotional bottles contain the free shower care.

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