Methyphobia - fear of alcohol

Methyphobia is the fear of alcohol - but usually the patient is not afraid of the alcohol itself, but of losing control or having something happen to them after drinking alcohol.

The woman cannot bring herself to enjoy the beer.
© Photo by Engin Akyurt on Pixabay

Sufferers fear that they might come into contact with alcohol. They also worry that the people they like will not be able to control themselves by drinking alcohol and that something bad might happen to them.

The more pronounced the disease, the stronger the fear of alcohol. Thus, affected people harass friends, family and acquaintances very much with their phobia and try to make them dislike alcohol consumption. At the same time, they also avoid places where alcohol can be drunk and bought.

The cause of the disease is often their own bad experience, deaths from alcohol consumption or alcoholism in the family.

Symptoms of the phobia range from rapid heartbeat and trembling hands to stomach pain and nausea, depression and fits of rage.