Berentzen: Award for product innovation - Mio Mio Mate-Mische voted new product of the year

The Mio Mio brand Mate-Mische (mate mix in English) has been chosen by experts at Getränke Zeitung as the 2022 Innovation of the Year in the Innovation category. The product innovation was developed by Vivaris Getränke GmbH & Co. KG, a subsidiary of Berentzen-Gruppe Aktiengesellschaft, to the German market at the beginning of last year.

Mio Mio Mate-Mische voted new product of the year
© Berentzen-Gruppe Aktiengesellschaft
Source:  Company news

"We are very pleased to receive this prestigious award from Getränke Zeitung. It makes it clear that we understand the needs of our target group. We develop authentic, innovative products and thus drive the market for trendy drinks," says Tobias Wiesner, Managing Director of Vivaris.

Mate-Mische stands for a special drinking experience in nightlife gastronomy: the 0.33L container contains only 0.275L of Mate. The bartender can then fill the bottle with approx. 4cl of any spirit - creating popular nightlife drinks with scene character hygienically and in no time at all. In addition to the mate mix, a cola mix was also introduced to the market.

"The mixer is part of a gastronomy offensive launched last year. Through this, our Mio Mio brand is becoming more and more visible not only in food retail, but also in the gastronomy sector - our gastro team, which we continued to build up last year, is making sure of this. This year, too, a total of eight Mio Mio varieties in 0.33L containers will bring lemonade variety to more bars, restaurants and clubs," Wiesner concludes.

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