Mohren Helles: Vorarlberg's new lager - Mohrenbrauerei closes gap in Vorarlberg beer range

The Mohrenbrauerei is launching a product innovation just in time for the start of the Dornbirn Autumn Fair on September 8. The lager beer Mohren Helles is now available in the 0.5-liter returnable bottle exclusively in the Mohren Lädele and from December in retail stores.

Mohren Helles: Vorarlberg's new lager
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"Helles is right on trend! With our new lager, we are closing a gap in the market in Vorarlberg. Mohren Helles is the regional beer for everyone who likes it a little lighter, fresh and quaffable," reveals Thomas Pachole, Managing Director of Mohrenbrauerei. The expansion of the product range will take place on the occasion of the Dornbirn Autumn Fair. The new beer specialty will be ceremoniously presented on September 11 at the evening event in the Mohren business tent. Vorarlberger Bier expects the launch to significantly increase its market share.

Indulgence for in between
Bright golden shine, fresh hop aroma, fine malt note: Mohren Helles, with 11.4 percent original wort and an alcohol content of 5.1 percent by volume, is the ideal beer for all occasions - whether spontaneously at the end of work or on a hot summer afternoon. "The long lagering time gives the bottom-fermented beer its special effervescence and a finely bubbly mouthfeel," explains brewmaster Ralf Freitag. The range of popular lagers available to Vorarlberg's beer lovers has so far been limited to a few breweries, most of them from Bavaria. The Helle from Mohren now brings a breath of fresh air from the region to the local beer shelf.

A funny detail on the side: Helle has an almost forgotten tradition at the Mohrenbrauerei. In the course of development, the beer experts came across a recipe by the then brewmaster Hans Riggemann from 1934. "The Helle is a real rediscovery and a timeless classic. Nothing has changed in the recipe to this day," says Brewmaster Freitag.

Market launch exclusively at Mohren Lädele
The beer speciality is now available in the Mohren Lädele in the 0.5-liter returnable bottle in the 6-bottle carrier as well as in the crate. The market launch in the gastronomy and food trade will follow in December.

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