Mountain Dew - mixer for whisky

In the 1930s, soft drinks were sold regionally in the USA. This made it difficult for Barney and Ally Hartman from Tennessee to get the lemonade they preferred for mixing with spirits, preferably whiskey. And so they simply developed their own mixed drink, Mountain Dew, in the 1940s.

Mountain Dew was originally developed as a lemonade to mix with whiskey.
© Photo by Anil Xavier at Unsplash
Source:  Company news

The name Mountain Dew was a 19th century slang term for moonshine whiskey. Accordingly, Mountain Dew was to be mixed together with whisky.
After several changes of ownership, Pepsico finally acquired the rights to Mountain Dew in 1964.

Between the 1940s and 1980s, there was only one variety of Mountain Dew, which was citrus-flavoured and caffeinated in most markets. In 1988, Mountain Dew Diet was introduced. In 2001, a cherry-flavoured variety called Code Red was launched. This trend of expanding the product line has continued to this day.

Mountain Dew has a relatively high amount of caffeine (about 54 mg per can, or 155 mg/l) and sugar at 122 g per litre. Pepsi-Cola, on the other hand, contains about 100 mg of caffeine and 110 g of sugar per litre.