Mozart Distillerie launches Mozart Chocolate Coffee Liqueur

The two most popular flavors in the world combined in one Mozart bottle

Mozart Chocolate Coffee - the new composition of the Salzburg Mozart Distillerie
© Schlumberger
Source:  Firmennews

Unique recipes with that special chocolate note, that's what the traditional Salzburg brand Mozart Chocolate Liqueur stands for. Mozart Distillerie, part of the Schlumberger Group since 2016 and awarded Liqueur Manufacturer of the Year 2020, is now launching a new creation: Mozart Chocolate Coffee. A perfectly matched combination of the two most popular flavors in the world: chocolate and coffee.

With the launch of Mozart Chocolate Coffee, the brand adds a completely new flavor to its existing range. The innovation is a balanced composition of roast-intensive Arabica coffee notes and chocolate. For the new variety, as for the rest of the range, only high-quality and natural raw materials are used and processed in masterly craftsmanship in Salzburg. The basis for the unmistakable taste of Chocolate Coffee is a diverse flavor profile of sweetness, bitterness and spiciness, which is obtained by roasting both cocoa and coffee beans. The recipe is enhanced with Belgian chocolate, vanilla and fruity flavors. This creates a full-bodied, creamy and bittersweet coffee-chocolate flavor.

The chocolate-coffee combination was clearly rated as the most interesting flavor among new products in the cream liqueur segment in two studies**. By expanding its range, Mozart Chocolate Liqueur appeals not only to cream liqueur connoisseurs, but also to chocolate and fragrant lovers. Mozart Chocolate Coffee is available in a 500ml bottle size and has a volume percentage of 17%.

Mozart Chocolate Liqueur presents itself in a new design
In keeping with the flavor, Mozart Chocolate Coffee is wrapped in a coffee-brown foil and is the first product of the brand to appear in a new, modern and contemporary design.

The new look, with changed lettering on the label and cap, reflects the naturalness and attention to detail of the Mozart brand in a modern way. By using small elements such as the cocoa and coffee bean on the label, the chocolaty content as well as the flavor are communicated clearly and understandably at first glance. At the same time, the high-quality décor expresses the masterful product quality in a sensual and charming way. In the course of the year, the Cream Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate and Strawberry Chocolate varieties will also be converted to the new design.

Unforgettable chocolate moments - "made in Austria
Mozart Chocolate Liqueur stands for pure chocolate pleasure - "made in Austria". Each recipe is a composition of premium raw materials of the best quality, refined with passion and craftsmanship by our master distiller & chocolatier. Mozart chocolate liqueur products are inspired by the world's most popular chocolate varieties - milk chocolate, white chocolate and dark chocolate. The exceptional chocolate taste can be enjoyed in many ways: neat, on ice or as a cocktail with a chocolate note, a Mozart Choctail.

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