Rabenhorst: With the highest product quality to no less than eleven DLG Gold Awards 2022

Among the eleven fruit juices with gold status, two were also highlighted with the highest possible score in the international quality test conducted by the German Agricultural Society (DLG)

Rabenhorst: DLG Gold Award 2022 for Organic Blackcurrant Nectar
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Source:  Company news

Premium juices from Rabenhorst convince year after year in product-related quality tests: In 2021, the long-established juice brand was awarded a Bundesehrenpreis for the tenth time - in addition with the special rating "in gold" for particularly outstanding product quality among the Bundesehrenpreise awarded. In March 2022, the DLG Prize for Longstanding Product Quality followed for the eleventh time in a row, and the year 2022 continues seamlessly on this successful track: Once again, eleven Rabenhorst juices have now been tested and evaluated by experts in the international quality test - and also receive the coveted DLG Gold Medals. The Rabenhorst juices Rabenhorst Organic Beetroot, Organic Blackcurrant Nectar, Apricot Nectar with Fruit Pulp, 11plus11 Yellow, Cranberry, Feel Good with Iron, For Concentration, Organic Sea Buckthorn Ginger Shot and Inner Beauty with Biotin were all convincing and received a gold award. The two Rabenhorst juices Organic Haskap Berry and Organic Sea Buckthorn also received DLG Gold - and even with the highest possible score in all tested categories.

In the DLG assessments, all eleven juice creations were able to convince both in the extensive sensory quality testing with regard to the test criteria colour, appearance, smell, taste and harmony, as well as in the laboratory analyses and the packaging and labelling tests. Thus, the juice experts from Unkel am Rhein were able to score another year with the product quality of their work.

"As a traditional, but very agile family business, we are always on the lookout for new juice creations that convince our consumers, but never leave the core of the Rabenhorst brand - the highest product quality based on sustainable, natural farming methods. That's why we are always proud when this work is recognised and confirmed in independent quality tests," says Klaus-Jürgen Philipp, Haus Rabenhorst managing director, about the eleven new DLG Gold awards.

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