Red wine makes you tired

Researchers here draw on anonymized responses to the world's largest online survey of legal and illegal drug and alcohol use among adults (Global Drug Survey or GDS).

Red wine makes you more tired than any other alcoholic beverages
© Photo by Stefan Keller at Pixabay

Questions were asked about alcohol consumption and the feelings associated with drinking beer, spirits, red or white wine at home or when going out.

Participants were nearly 30,000 18- to 34-year-olds from 21 countries who had drunk each of the above types of alcohol in the past year and completed all relevant sections of the questionnaire.

Red wine was most likely to trigger feelings of relaxation and fatigue (nearly 53%), followed by beer (about 50%).

Nearly one-third (30%) of spirits consumers associated spirits with feelings of aggression. At the same time, however, spirits were more likely to elicit positive feelings than beer or wine. More than half (about 59%) of respondents associated spirits with feelings of energy and confidence.

Responses differed by level of education, country of origin, age, gender, and category of alcohol consumption-that is, from people who drink alcoholic beverages only occasionally to people who are addicted to alcohol. Feelings were significantly stronger among women than men, with the exception of aggression, which was significantly stronger among men.