NEW: Rotbäckchen Kleine Pause Organic in a practical tetrapack

The tasty, yellow multi-fruit juice in organic quality provides natural vitamin C on the go and during every break

Rotbäckchen Kleine Pause Organic in a practical tetrapack
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Whether at school, university or work - short breaks during concentration and working hours are immensely important to keep body and mind alert. Many people therefore use their breaks to get plenty of exercise in the fresh air and fortify themselves with the right snack. And this is exactly where the new, yellow multi-fruit juice in organic quality comes in, which will be available from April 2024: Rotbäckchen Kleine Pause Bio is rich in natural vitamin C, which plays a central role in numerous bodily functions as part of a balanced diet. In particular, natural vitamin C - in this case from acerola cherries - can contribute to the normal functioning of the immune system and normal energy metabolism, making it the perfect companion for a tasty and healthy break in everyday life.

Rotbäckchen Kleine Pause Bio combines high-quality organic direct juices and organic fruit pulp in the best Rotbäckchen quality: apple juice, white grape juice, pineapple juice, banana pulp, orange juice, acerola pulp, mango pulp and passion fruit juice make for a delicious time-out companion. Rotbäckchen Kleine Pause is of course also ideal for children of all ages and is a sensible part of a balanced diet for the whole family. Rotbäckchen Kleine Pause Bio provides natural energy without added sugar and is available in a practical tetrapack for on the go.

Rotbäckchen Kleine Pause Bio complements the existing Rotbäckchen range perfectly and the "Rotbäckchen Quality Guarantee" ensures that the new multi-fruit juice - like all Rotbäckchen brand products - is produced under the strictest quality guidelines that go far beyond the legal requirements.

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