SALITOS range wins at the London Beer Competition

SALITOS Tequila, SALITOS Pink and SALITOS Ice convinced the jury and won bronze medals at this year's 5th London Beer Competition. The award is considered the ultimate seal of quality in the global beer industry. To receive this award, SALITOS products had to score in three different categories: Quality, Value and Packaging.

SALITOS range wins at the London Beer Competition
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The aim of the London Beer Competition is to recognise and celebrate beers that beer consumers want to buy. The competition judges examine the many new or even rediscovered styles that intrigue beer drinkers and appeal to consumers.

The London Beer Competition aims to recognise and award the beers that beer lovers would love to choose from a pub or restaurant beer menu, or simply buy at retail. The criteria of the London Beer Competition is to look at the products as a whole. The judges evaluate the beers and wine mixers based on their quality, brewing skills and expertise. In addition, two other essential factors are taken into account: the value of the drink and its packaging. By combining the judging criteria, the beer journalists, beer sommeliers and buyers receive an accreditation that gives the winners an additional award.

The jury members were selected from all areas of the industry - journalists, brewers, distributors, beer sommeliers, marketing and educators. During the judging process, interviews with leading judges revealed how important packaging is to the process. Some even reported that the packaging influences the resulting taste and aroma, explaining that it creates an expectation which in turn influences not only how consumers see the product, but also how their senses react to it once they have tasted it. This underlines the importance that the London Beer Competition places on packaging as an element of assessment and the full evaluation of sensory perception. The perfect criterion for the iconic SALITOS bottle.

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