The sensation of the summer: ABSOLUT Sensations

Welcome to your Senses! With Sensations, the Swedish vodka brand ABSOLUT from Pernod Ricard Germany is launching a new taste experience: tropical fruits with a hint of Szechuan pepper - all at 20% alcohol content. ABSOLUT Sensations will initially be available in the restaurant trade from March 13, 2023.

ABSOLUT Sensations - the perfect afterwork drink
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Source:  Company news

Benjamin Franke, Marketing Director Pernod Ricard Western Europe Entity, says: "Sensations serves the increased demand for reduced-alcohol drinks and conscious consumption by setting the alcohol content at 20% and offers a multisensory experience with the special taste sensation of Tropical Fruit and a hint of Szechuan Pepper. It is ABSOLUT's answer to the big aperitif and flavor trend."

ABSOLUT Sensations brings tropical flavor to the tongue
Sensations is the first product in the German portfolio to have 20% alcohol content and mix different flavors to create a new taste concept. With this, ABSOLUT emphasizes its ambition to drive innovation in vodka. The taste is soft and smooth with a pronounced tropical fruitiness. Notes of mango and peach, paired with hints of citrus and a touch of Szechuan pepper provide a fruity, fresh taste experience with a slight tingle.

The flavor combination offers a refreshing experience and is perfect for those looking to spend time with friend:s and colleague:s in the early evening over an afterwork drink on the patio or during a sunset at a rooftop bar.

The Design
The new design of the edition is extraordinary: In the classic ABSOLUT Botttle Shape, the label is completely redesigned: The green luminous stripe with the inscription Sensations catches the shopper's eye directly and catches attention. The circles, which colorfully run into each other, provide the perfect frame for the most important information at a glance: Less Alcohol & A Burst of Flavor!

ABSOLUT Sensations is best enjoyed mixed with lemonade.

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