Shetland pony drinks beer in pub

This shetland pony should definitely pony up for his drinks...

Shetland pony on its paddock
© Photo by Olle August on Pixabay

Shetland pony Mocha snuck into a British pub and drank from several beer glasses. The incident took place at the Ascot Arms, a pub in Kent, UK, run by Mocha's owner Mihaly Herczeg.

Mocha lives in a paddock near the pub, but sneaked in through the back door. "He only drinks water, but if he had the chance he would prefer beer and cider," says Mihaly Herczeg.

Mocha drank from a few glasses while Herczeg tried to lure him out of the pub with traditional horse food like carrots and bar food like chips and deep-fried pork rinds.

"He has only managed to sneak into the pub twice," Herczeg explained. "He's very friendly and everyone loves him and the other animals here."