Supply reliability, energy savings and carbon neutrality: Solutions for steam and heat from Bosch Industrial Boilers at the Drinktec trade fair, Hall B3, stand 231

At the Drinktec trade fair in Munich, Bosch Industrial Boilers is presenting its heating and process heat solutions for drinks manufacturers, breweries and dairies from 12th to 16th September 2022. Faced with very high energy prices, unreliable fuel supplies and ambitious climate targets, a future-proof supply with steam and heat is an important factor for the sector. The experts at Bosch Industrial Boilers support companies across the globe with these huge challenges: With upgrades including for fuel flexibility, increasing energy efficiency and using alternative energy sources.

Bosch Industrial Boilers is presenting the new ELSB electric steam boiler at the Drinktec trade fair – 100 per cent electric and fully carbon neutral with green electricity.
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Multi-fuel firing systems create a very high level of supply reliability in the area of fuel supply. Systems with local fuel storage tanks or using self-generated energy from renewable sources ensure interruption-free operation during times of insufficient main fuel supply. Even existing systems which have been in operation for many years can usually be converted to use various energy sources flexibly. In addition to increasing system availability, the expert team from Bosch is supporting boiler operation to become more energy efficient and resource-saving thanks to comprehensive project planning and modular technology. For example, simply using flue gas heat exchangers in combination with utilisation of condensing technology makes it possible to achieve fuel savings of up to 14 per cent. Increasing efficiency is key to reducing costs and CO2 emissions, doing business sustainably and increasing competitiveness.

Demand for solutions to use renewable energy sources is rapidly increasing. Bosch covers the topic of climate neutrality in heat and process heat supply using a multi-technology approach. This includes a portfolio for using carbon-neutral energy sources such as green hydrogen, biofuels or hybrid solutions. Bosch is also offering new options in electrification for the drinks sector, presenting the new electric steam boiler (ELSB) at its trade stand: The boiler is 100 per cent electric and, in combination with green power, is fully carbon neutral. It is particularly attractive for companies with photovoltaic systems, for example. The electric boiler hugely increases the proportion of green electricity used, paving the way for carbon neutrality. Bosch offers the ELSB electric steam boiler in various output sizes for 350–7500 kg/h steam with very high efficiency over 99 per cent. Find out more at the Drinktec trade fair: Hall B3, stand 231.

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