SONNENTOR Novelty: Tschin Tschin Syrup

With the relaunch of the syrup series, the organic specialist SONNENTOR picks up on an absolute trendy topic: "Tschin Tschin". trend: The Tschin Tschin syrup promises enjoyment without alcohol.

SONNENTOR Tschin Tschin Syrup
© SONNENTOR Kräuterhandels GMBH
Source:  Company news

Summer vibes in a bottle! When the sun glows red on the horizon and disappears orange, it's time for a refreshing cocktail. Rather without high-proof drink? With this syrup novelty, we get it quite simply gin. The syrup, which is composed of juniper berries and apple syrup is ideal for this purpose. Simply pour on sparkling water and the alcohol-free gin and tonic is ready. With Cucumber slices and ice cubes in the glass sweeten the evening.

Tip: It also tastes great mixed with tea or fruit. Our favourites are the sunny Tschin Mocktail and the wild blueberry Mocktail. Mocktail.

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