Stopka - vodka was drunk from 100-gram glasses

It is often said that the developer of the periodic table, Dmitri Mendeleev, introduced the unit of measurement gram for vodka.

Savory dishes work well with vodka.
© Photo by Pavlofox at Pixabay

However, the Stopka glass itself was not invented until 1943. The stopka, the traditional Russian vodka glass, holds 100 grams of vodka, which is also attributed to the term stopka ("sto" means "hundred" in English). Later, smaller Stopka glasses with only 50 grams came on the market. Today, however, many bartenders in Russia have adapted to centiliters.

But you can still get Stopka glasses here in Germany and probably also in other countries. Some vodka brands occasionally release a special edition of their vodka with Stopka glass. Another vodka brand sells its vodka directly in a Stopka glass with a stopper. Again, of course, in the traditional Stopka sizes of 100 grams.

The glass was also used for vending machines for water and the traditional Russian drink kvass, so the Stopka became increasingly popular. But after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the changeover to centiliters, the Stopka glass also fell more and more into oblivion.