The new FLENS Whisky is here - the Limited "Pellworm" Edition

After the fast sell-out of the first FLENS Whisky last year, there is now again the possibility to get hold of an original FLENS Whisky in the limited "Pellworm" Edition. Exclusively and exclusively, the nearly 3,000 bottles of the Nordic single malt whisky will be sold from November 1 through the Flensburg brewery's own store, the Plop Shop. But beware: only two bottles are possible per order.

The new FLENS Whisky is here - the Limited "Pellworm" Edition
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Source:  Company news

Floral-fruity aromas, soft, sweet vanilla tones, fine oak character ... an aroma profile as exceptional as a FLENS. Made from the mash of our Flensburg Frühlingsbock with a particularly "clean" distillation process (4 sieve trays, dephlegmator, condenser), which gently and carefully intensifies the aromas during distillation.

Carefully this is refined with Flensburg glacier spring water. Storage on the remote North Sea island of Pellworm and maturation in "Heavy Toasted" oak barrels allows the whiskey to develop in peace of mind. To a taste experience that does the name FLENS all honor.

After three years of storage, the second limited whiskey experience from FLENS is filled in velvety black clay bottles, which of course may not be missing the iconic Flensburg swing stopper. This keeps the precious contents protected from sunlight. That this meets our highest quality standards, we assure with the Flensburg wax seal on each bottle!

On November 1, the exclusive sale of the Flensburger Brewery's North German whiskey finally starts, which is available exclusively in the brewery's own Plop Shop on site or online. The 0.5l bottle of the noble drop is available for 54.90 € in a gift box. The matching FLENS whisky glass is available for €4 each. Both together are available in a noble black cardboard box in a gift set for € 56.90 each.

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