Tia Maria coffee liqueur sharpens its brand profile in retail and food service with a new label

Effective immediately, Tia Maria is available for an MSRP of €15.99 (0.7l) in a new design that complements the brand's urban orientation and highlights its uniqueness more strongly on the bottle. The recipe and the shape of the bottle remain unaffected by the relaunch. With the new design, the traditional brand with roots in the 17th century aims to appeal to younger adults who express their personality with their choice of drink and approach the world with a curious eye.

Tia Maria coffee liqueur sharpens its brand profile in retail and food service with a new label
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The focus is on the redesigned brand logo, which dispenses with the gold trim and adorns the black bottle in a contrasting bright white. To give the brand a more premium look, the black tone of the bottle has been made darker.

A supporting element of the new design is the reduced front label, which is now straightforward. The golden ornaments and the coat of arms with the date of foundation have been dispensed with. Instead, the focus is on Tia Maria's ingredients, which can be read in a concise typography on the front of the bottle: 100% finest Arabica beans and vanilla from Madagascar. Rounding out the modern design route are artistic-looking color accents in bold red on the front label and bottle neck. The color scheme, reminiscent of a brushstroke, builds a bridge to the urban street art world in which Tia Maria is at home.

With the addition of "Cold Brew" under the brand name, Tia Maria underscores the special processing of the coffee beans. After roasting, the beans are only coarsely ground and then soaked in a solution of water at room temperature and alcohol for 6-12 hours. This process produces a very mild but at the same time full-bodied coffee concentrate, balanced and low in acidity. Tia Maria contains twice the amount of coffee compared to its competitors, making it the best choice for an ESPRESSO MARTINI - Tia Maria's signature drink.

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