Full enjoyment - without sugar: experience the low-calorie fusion of tea, fruit, and herbs with two new Fuze Tea flavors

With the two new sugar-free varieties Black Tea Peach Elderflower and Black Tea Raspberry Mint, Fuze Tea is responding to the great consumer demand for low-calorie products. After all, more than half of Germans would drink more iced tea if it were sugar-free. The new Fuze Tea varieties contain no sugar and less than four calories per 100 milliliters. The two new products have been available since calendar week 13 in bottles made from 100 percent recycled material.

Experience the low-calorie fusion of tea, fruit, and herbs with two new Fuze Tea flavors
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Intensive taste for conscious enjoyment
Soothing refreshment that lets you leave everyday life behind for a moment - with virtually no calories! This is exactly what the new Fuze Tea Black Tea Peach Elderflower variety offers, a flavor fusion of peach (from concentrate) and, among other things, a fine elderflower note. Also the novelty Fuze Tea Black Tea Raspberry Mint with brewed black tea and raspberry mint flavor perfectly combines brewed tea from concentrate and fruit juice from fruit juice concentrate. Both varieties are sweetened with steviol glycosides as well as the zero-calorie sweetener sucralose, making them especially low in calories.

Fuze Tea supports sustainable tea cultivation
Like all Fuze Tea varieties, both novelties bear the "Rainforest Alliance Certified™" seal. Fuze Tea is made by brewing tea leaves, concentrating the liquid, evaporating it and then processing it into a concentrated essence. As of summer 2019, the tea leaves used for Fuze Tea already come exclusively from Rainforest Alliance™ certified farms.

Attention-grabbing activations
Fuze Tea Black Tea Peach Elderflower and Fuze Tea Black Tea Raspberry Mint without Sugar have been available in stores since week 13 in the familiar classic 0.4-L PET, as well as in 1.0-L PET and 1.25-L PET bottles, in addition to the bottle made of 100 percent recycled material. OOH activations at POS generate attention at launch.

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