USA, CA: DarkHeart Brewing slated to close on May 31

Nestled on the edge of Sacramento is a brewery where love for beer and pirates are equal, but soon, the entire operation will cease to exist, The Sacramento Bee reported on May 2.

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DarkHeart Brewing at 4339 Auburn Blvd, Suite B, in Arden Park, is slated to close on May 31, roughly five years after celebrating its grand opening.

Owners Cynthia and Rick Lee have been upfront about their business challenges.

In a message posted to the brewery’s site, the couple announced its current location would remain open through the end of May while they search for the “right spot.” The plan was to eventually shift operations to a new facility and stay in business.

That didn’t happen.

In a farewell post to customers on May 1, the duo said the decision to liquidate their business’ inventory and cease operations comes after failing to find a “suitable alternative location.”

“We hoped there (would) be a last minute miracle but know that time has run short and for us it is time to move on to the next journey,” the Sacramento couple wrote to its more than 1,900 Instagram followers. “We hope to see you all over the next month.”

As of May 2, brewery representatives were not available to comment.

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