USA, MI: Salty Pecker Brewing Co. closing after this week

Salty Pecker Brewing Co., a brewery in West Michigan, is closing after this week, FOX 2 Detroit reported on November 27.

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"We tried to get our hobby to work and the odds haven't been in our favor," owners Derek and Jennifer Olsen wrote in a post announcing the closure.

The Norton Shores brewery opened in September 2021, and the closure was announced over the weekend. According to the owners, their landlord is selling the building. The pain of moving coupled with declining sales led to the decision to close.

"I have so much to say, but I can not find the words. This really sucks, but honestly we are not sad! We believe everything happens for a reason," the owners wrote in a post sharing the news.

Saturday, Dec. 2 will be Salty Pecker's last day.

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