USA: Trappist monks of St Joseph’s Abbey in Spencer decide to stop brewing

The Trappist monks of St Joseph’s Abbey in Spencer, USA, have decided “after more than a year of consultation and reflection” that brewing is not a “viable business”, The Brussels Times reported on May 15.

Trappist monks of St Joseph’s Abbey in Spencer decide to stop brewing
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They are therefore stopping production of their beer, according to an announcement the company made on Facebook.

There are now only ten Trappist beers left worldwide, five of them being in Belgium: Chimay, Orval, Rochefort, Westmalle and Westvleteren.

In 2013, Spencer Brewery became the 9th Trappist brewery to get the Authentic Trappist Product label, supported by the monks of Notre Dame de Scourmont Abbey, where the famous Chimay Trappist beer is brewed.

These beers were the first and only American Trappist beers.

Three criteria are required for a Trappist beer to be labelled authentic: part of the proceeds must be donated to social causes, the beer must be brewed in a Trappist abbey, and it must be brewed under the supervision of monks from that order.

Now that the Spencer brewery has disappeared, there are just ten breweries left with the title. The five not in Belgium are La Trappe and Zundert (Netherlands), Engelszell (Austria), Tynt Meadow (England) and Tre Fontane (Italy).

Three other beers (including Achel’s beer) can call themselves Trappist, but without the title of ‘authentic’ because they do not meet the required conditions.

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