White Cola

White cola (called "colorless or transparent cola" in Russia) was a cola made specifically for Marshal of the Soviet Union Georgy Zhukov starting in the mid-1940s.

White Cola
© Photo by Colin Behrens at Pixabay

Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces Dwight D. Eisenhower introduced Zhukov, then head of the Soviet military administration in Germany, to the soft drink.

However, since Coca Cola was considered a symbol of American imperialism in the Soviet Union at the time, Zhukov was thus not allowed to be caught drinking Coke. He therefore asked that Coca Cola be made so that it could be mistaken for vodka.

This request reached President Truman, who contacted James Farley, who was responsible for the 38 Coca-Cola bottling plants in southeastern Europe at the time.

So now the chemist Mladin Zarubica removed the sugar color from the cola and a bottle with a white cap and red star as logo was designed. At least 50 cases of this special cola were delivered to Georgy Zhukov from the Austrian logistics center.