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Less plastics - Better future: DOLEA Fibre-based Drinking Straw  (Company news)

Dolea Ltd has launched a unique plastic-free innovation, a sustainable fiber-based and plasticfree drinking straw, from RENEWABLE material, it is RECYCLABLE and BIODEGRADABLE.

With this new innovation and its patented design Dolea straw inspires with its natural haptic look and touch. Technologically advanced manufacturing method together with it’s the most sustainable raw material choice, Dolea offers a winning edge to the market longing for more ecological alternatives. All that perfectly combined, Dolea drinking straws provide to the food service industry as well to the food industry a great relief from the harmful environmental issues caused by plastic straws.

Dolea straw is developed and protected by patent family (pending) by a Finnish start-up company Her Majesty’s Drinking Box Ltd.
Dolea is a private Finnish company providing sustainable Dolea drinking straws as well as licensing product for its manufacture as well as the manufacturing lines. Dolea has been founded in 2019 and its technology and IP are based on the earlier developed innovation of Her Majesty’s Drinking Box Ltd.​

Dolea straws are made of high quality Finnish Forest products with PEFC™ & FSC® certificate of origin. Dolea products combines the latest design and technology with the high quality manufacturing methods and certified quality systems in their manufacturing units. Dolea drinking straw is based on NextGen Cup Challenge winner ISLA® board of Kotkamills Ltd.

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