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CAVSYS®Cavitator AF
CAVSYS® Cavitator AF stabilises beverages that tend to foam with patented cavitator technology. 

CAVSYS®Cavitator C / Oxidos
CO2 fine dissolved and precisly dosed
CAVSYS® Cavitator Oxidos / N - Dosing of O2 and N2 

CAVSYS®Cavitator Mixer DBC
Still and carbonated beverages produced from two or more components using the latest cavitator technology 

for product-friendly pasteurization with energy savings

Cleaning performance, number of tanks and size of tanks are freely configurable.

CAVSYS®Sirup kitchens
in semi-automatic batch process or fully automatic multi-component mixing system

Various rental systems for rapid availability in the event of system failure


Cavitator Systems GmbH
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