Alfa Laval Application & Innovation Centre boosts productivity

Want to optimize your manufacturing processes with the best components? Or accommodate a new formulation or new application while boosting production?

Alfa Laval: Optimizing manufacturing processes with best components
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Let the Alfa Laval Fluid Handling Application & Innovation Centre conduct trials under near-actual operating conditions to determine how to achieve the best outcomes.

Get superior performance

Faced with a tight construction time frame, a leading soft drink manufacturer asked Alfa Laval to select equipment for a new mixing processing line. After analyzing the shear-sensitive syrup formulation and testing mixing equipment under actual operating conditions, our experts found the Alfa Laval Rotary Jet Mixer delivered superior performance compared with conventional agitators.

Cut mixing time by more than 80%

Installing the right equipment ensures more uptime, higher productivity and yields, and sustainable cost savings. The Application & Innovation Centre determined the Rotary Jet Mixer reduced mixing time from 20 minutes using their conventional agitators to just two minutes while ensuring the formulation’s structural ingrity.
“Using the right equipment and components boosts productivity, reduces costs and enhances your sustainability profile," says Murat Boztepe, Global Beverage Industry Manager, Alfa Laval.

Why conduct trials at the Application & Innovation Centre

  • Get proof of performance with validated test results
  • Raise process efficiency and yield by choosing the right components from the start
  • Reduce costs for capital investment, utilities and cleaning media
  • Enhance product safety

A higher level

Advice from experts at the Alfa Laval Application & Innovation Centre helps you quickly pivot and adapt to increased demand or changing needs – regardless of application or industry.

Sign up for a free trial to enhance process performance while safeguarding product safety and quality.

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