Belgium: AB InBev relaunching production of historic Piedboeuf lager

AB InBev is launching a third pilsner brand in the Belgian market, the historical Piedboeuf Extra Pils, The Brussels Times reported on March 10.

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The Piedboeuf family joined the brewing industry in Jupille, in 1887, setting up their own brewery which would later introduce Jupiler in the 1960s.

Piedboeuf Extra Pils only hit the market after the Second World War, about two decades before Jupiler. Jupiler’s renowned success likely accelerated the end of its older counterpart, which disappeared in the 1970s.

"But Piedboeuf remains a strong brand, especially in the Liège region," an AB InBev spokesperson explained the product’s revival. Despite numerous similar beers in its portfolio, the Belgian subsidiary of the brewing giant believes this resurrection supplements the current beer offering.

Positioned at 4.5% ABV, Extra Pils is at the crossroads of light pilsners like Jupiler Blue (4%) and classic heavyweights of the Belgian market, which stand at 5.2%. "We’re targeting a different audience with Extra Pils," added the spokesperson.

The product may appeal to the segment of the public who never believed in Jupiler Pure Blonde, a "light" pilsner (3.1%), launched in spring 2018, but no longer in production today.
Available in 33 and 50-centilitre cans, Piedboeuf lager will not be available in pubs and is priced lower than other AB InBev pils.

It is produced at its historic site in Jupille. A century after its establishment, the Piedboeuf brewery merged with Artois in Leuven to become Interbrew, laying the foundation stone for the world’s largest brewing group.

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