Bocksbeutel - trademark for high-quality Franconian wine

The shape of a Bocksbeutel is reminiscent of a canteen and is used for wines from the Franconian wine-growing region. The contents are usually 0.75 litres (three Franconian bottles of 0.25 litres each). The shape is also used in other wine regions, e.g. in Portugal.

© Photo by René Bittner on Pixabay

The Bocksbeutel has been used as a typical container for Franconian wine for at least 250 years. However, it is not known whether its name has anything to do with the scrotum of a billy goat as an early container for wine or with the billy goat as the companion of the wine god Dionysus.

The Bocksbeutel is usually used for high-quality wines. Since 2009, there has been a regulation that wines to be filled in Bocksbeutel must have a minimum score of 2.0 in the official quality wine test. At 72 degrees Oechsle, the minimum must weight for Bocksbeutel wine is higher than for quality wine.

Overall, however, the use of the Bocksbeutel is declining. The reasons for this include space-intensive storage compared to bottles and supply bottlenecks for glass producers.