Braggot - beer and mead

Brewing does not always produce beer, but in some cases a mixed product, such as braggot.

It is a drink made from both malt and honey and is therefore a mixed drink. Historical evidence suggests that braggot is a Celtic beverage that dates back to at least the 12th century.

Braggot - beer or mead? That is the question...
© Photo by Dan Barrett on Unsplash

Braggots can be made by combining separately fermented beer and mead, or the combination can be made at the beginning of brewing, adding honey to the kettle. Also, hops and spices can be added to give the drink different flavor characteristics. Ideally, hop character and bitterness should balance the residual sweetness of the honey. The origin of the honey also contributes to its specific character, which varies according to the type of flowers visited by the bees and the seasonal nectar they collect.

Careful consideration and selection of the types of malt and honey is required in the production process, as the two can have contrasting flavors that do not always complement each other well. Usually lighter malts are used and the result can have a high alcohol content from 6% up to 12% vol.