Coal, steel and beer - birthday edition for the Revier

Now, and only for a short time, Brinkhoff's No.1 is coming onto the market in a birthday edition. In honour of namesake Fritz Brinkhoff, who saw the light of day 175 years ago, bottle labels and six-pack carriers show the triad in the Revier: coal, steel and beer.

Brinkhoff's No.1 in the birthday edition
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Source:  Company news

"Happy Birthday, Fritz!" - that's how the Ruhr region is celebrating its legendary brewmaster Brinkhoff this year, who is considered one of the creators of Dortmund's light beer type. If you want to toast him, it's best to reach for the birthday edition: as a tribute to Fritz's home region, Brinkhoff's No.1 will bear very special labels on bottle bellies and necks for a limited period of time.

"As black as coal, as metallic as steel, as golden the confetti rain as beer - the proud triad of the Revier adorns our special bottlings that we will be delivering in the coming weeks," reveals Andreas Thielemann, Marketing Manager Brinkhoff's No.1. "Both the 20 half-litre and the 24 third-litre bottles in each returnable crate will each bear one of the three label designs. So they are not intermixed when they go into the drinks markets. The label design will then change with each bottling at the brewery.

For ten weeks, the Brinkhoff's No.1 Birthday Edition is labelled and alternates between the different labels. The inner values, on the other hand, remain unchanged: the beer for the district is brewed according to a tried and tested recipe.

This also applies to the handy six-packs that will be on the shelves. This packaging is also in its birthday outfit, while stocks last. Andreas Thielemann: "One side of the outer box has a charcoal look, the other a steel design, and inside there are of course our three-litre bottles with the special labels."

But whether it's a cool box or a spectacular six-pack - the Brinkhoff's No.1 birthday edition is always a pleasure to take along when it's time to say: "Happy Birthday, Fritz!

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