Carolinen and Arminia Bielefeld renew partnership

  • Carolinen supplies professionals and young talents with natural mineral water and other refreshing drinks.
  • Carolinen and Arminia are already entering their eleventh season together.
Carolinen supplies professionals and young talents with natural mineral water
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Source:  Company news

The traditional Bielefeld company Carolinen Brunnen GmbH & Co. KG and DSC Arminia Bielefeld remain loyal to each other and have agreed to continue their long-standing partnership. The professionals and youth players from the AKADEMINA junior training centre have been drinking Carolinen mineral water and other delicious drinks since 2013. With its high content of calcium and magnesium, Carolinen is one of the mineral waters richest in minerals in Germany and thus ensures the best refreshment for the players on and off the pitch.

As part of the cooperation, which traditionally extends beyond supplying the players, Carolinen will provide VIP tickets for the SchücoArena for limited customer promotions, which will give the winners a very exclusive view of the action on the pitch. In addition, as part of a small series on Instagram, Arminia players will present their favourite places in OWL together with Carolinen and thus draw attention to both well-known and lesser-known highlights of the region.

Saskia Huneke, Head of Marketing at Carolinen, emphasises: "Arminia Bielefeld and Carolinen are two strong partners from East Westphalia who share a bond with the Teutoburg Forest region and its people. That's why we fit so well together and are now ringing in a new round of cooperation. Because regardless of the result of the past season, we stand by our partner. We are keeping our fingers crossed for many sporting successes for Armina."

"We appreciate the durability of the commitment of our domestic mineral water partner Carolinen to DSC and feel the support Carolinen gives us every day through the enjoyment of the drinks. The mineral water naturally contains many important minerals for the optimal supply of our athletes and is therefore an important building block in the supply during training and matches," explains Arminia managing director Christoph Wortmann.

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