Two classics revived: cooperation launched by Mio Mio and Reclam

Vivaris Getränke GmbH & Co. KG, a subsidiary of Berentzen-Gruppe Aktiengesellschaft, and the renowned Reclam publishing house have launched the "Mio Mio x Reclam" cooperation. For this, the two companies have jointly developed a limited edition of notebooks in the well-known Reclam design.

Two classics revived: cooperation launched by Mio Mio and Reclam
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"Everyone knows the small iconic books from Reclam, which have quenched the thirst for knowledge of entire generations. True classics - just like orange and lemonade, which we at Mio Mio have revitalized with the help of a high fruit juice content and by adding caffeine. The notebooks from Reclam are a perfect color match," says Frederik Bergmann, Head of Corporate Marketing at the Berentzen Group. The notebooks are also intended to stimulate creativity - just classically with pen and paper for the break in between. "The Mio Mio brand has always stood for creativity and freedom of thought," says Bergmann. Against this background, too, the collaboration with Reclam is an exciting project, he says.

"Inspiring literature and bright sodas are a perfect match. For us, the cooperation with the trendy drinks from Mio Mio is a great opportunity to show that we fit in well with the lifestyle of today's students. The notebooks bring back memories of school days for many people. In this way, we also create awareness for our products among adults," explains Lena Wehbring-Wolf, press spokeswoman for Reclam Verlag. The "titles" of the notebooks were also chosen with a wink: "Friedrich Chiller: Limo and Love" and "William Shakesmir: A Summer Night's Limo.

The notebooks will be handed out as a sampling in university dining halls and cafeterias between October and December 2023, as well as being available as part of an attention-grabbing secondary placement campaign in grocery stores with the "Buy a box & dust off a free notebook" promotion. Both Reclam and Mio Mio will extend the campaign's reach on their social media channels. The campaign was developed and implemented together with the Bremen-based agency Bernstein.

"Reclam revives classics. And not only that: there's a lot that's new and surprising to discover here - that's our message," says Lena Wehbring-Wolf, and Frederik Bergmann adds, "Revitalization is our mission at Mio Mio. Just like creative curiosity, which ultimately drives us all forward. So we're really looking forward to the campaign with Reclam."

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