EUWID market report PET: Bad summer for beverage bottles

The German market has been difficult for PET manufacturers and producers of preforms for beverage bottles.

Bad summer for beverage bottles
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Source:  Company news

The reopening of restaurants and the return to tourism after the lockdown have been slow. A hot summer could have cushioned the sales losses in the German market somewhat, but too much rain and cool temperatures did not bring the hoped-for revival.

Demand for new PET declined accordingly, which was also influenced by last year's rock-bottom prices. Those who could, bought and stored quantities last year. Some EUWID interlocutors were still accessing these quantities into the summer.

The recyclate market, which has decoupled itself from the development of prices for virgin material, is developing its own dynamics. The required demand can be covered, they say, but only if people are willing to pay the high prices.

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