Gerolsteiner specifically expands its soft drinks range

Returnable glass bottle in 6-bottle crate now also for soft drinks. On trend with new products: Gerolsteiner Light Lemonade & other new products

Returnable glass bottle in 6-bottle crate now also for soft drinks
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Gerolsteiner, the market leader among branded mineral waters in Germany and also one of the leading brands for non-alcoholic refreshments*, intends to further expand its market position in mineral water and soft drinks. "With our focus on quality, sustainability and innovation, we feel well equipped for 2021 and the years to come," explains Roel Annega, CEO at Gerolsteiner. "We know where our strengths lie and, in addition to our core business of mineral water, we want to specifically expand the soft drinks business segment." 

The fact that even a natural product like mineral water offers room for new things is proven by Gerolsteiner Feinperlig, a very lightly carbonated mineral water launched in January that - uncharacteristically for still mineral waters - is highly mineralized. At the same time, Gerolstein still sees some potential in soft drinks: "Trends such as consumers' rediscovered preference for glass bottles, the turn to regional products, and the desire for innovative refreshments are opening up an exciting field of action in a dynamic market. We have many interesting new products in the pipeline, and as a strong brand we also want to set new accents in the soft drinks business segment and score with innovations in many respects." 

New from July: Gerolsteiner Light Soda
The company launched Gerolsteiner Leichte Schorle at the start of the year. This will be followed by a new addition to the growth segment of lemonades starting in July: Gerolsteiner Leichte Limo. Three strong varieties (lemon ginger, citrus mint, orange passion fruit), low in calories, with 40 percent less sugar than commercially available branded lemonades, whet the appetite for summer refreshment. In addition to product innovations such as these, the company is also focusing on occasion-related limited editions. Further innovations will follow in the course of the year.

New in returnable glass: five soft drinks in a 6-bottle crate, freely combinable 
For mineral water in glass bottles, the signs are pointing to growth. Gerolsteiner, the supplier of mineral water in returnable glass containers* with the highest sales and turnover, was able to increase sales in this packaging variant by 11.7 percent in 2020 versus 2019, according to operational data. Modern individual containers such as the returnable glass bottles (6 x 1 liter and 12 x 0.75 liter) introduced by Gerolsteiner in 2010 and 2019 are spurring the glass trend. Accordingly, the mineral water bottler has even more plans when it comes to glass: "We are convinced that many consumers appreciate this form of packaging and that the success story of glass containers can be continued in other segments. That's why we're expanding our glass range to include soft drinks," says Annega. From July, the five classics from the Gerolsteiner soft drinks range will also be available in the Gerolsteiner 0.75-liter returnable glass bottle in a 6-bottle crate with a center carry handle. The products include Gerolsteiner Apple Spritzer, Gerolsteiner Orange Lemonade, Gerolsteiner Lemonade, Gerolsteiner and Fruit Apple Lemon, and Gerolsteiner Plus Lemon. They can be combined as desired in the handy 6-bottle crate and conveniently transported. The glass container replaces the returnable PET bottle for the five soft drinks mentioned above. In addition, the soft drinks will continue to be offered in the 0.75-liter PET non-refillable bottle, especially for on-the-go consumption (the recycled PET content will be increased from 50 percent to 75 percent in 2021). 

Wide-ranging support for the market launch
Gerolsteiner is supporting the launch of the glass container for its soft drinks with a tag-on to the high-reach Gerolsteiner TV commercial, radio spots, social media, online activities and large posters in the immediate vicinity of the stores. An attractive eye-catcher at the POS are pallet corners designed as large-format glass bottles. They can be quickly and easily attached by the sales force and do not obstruct the picking up of the product.

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