From mid-May: Gerolsteiner Football Edition 2021 shows flag(s)

Even without an audience in the stadium, soccer remains a real affair of the heart in Germany, and even more so when a European championship is on the horizon. Hardly anyone can escape the fascination of international matches. Gerolsteiner is picking up on the theme that will stir hearts for at least four weeks this summer, presenting the three mineral waters Gerolsteiner Sprudel, Medium and Naturell in a limited Gerolsteiner Football Edition 2021 starting in mid-May. The 0.75-liter PET disposable container will then be available with labels in the flag design of the 24 participating countries. The German flag can be found on all three mineral water variants. Both single bottles and 6-packs are available. At the POS, mixed pallets provide additional purchase impulses.

Gerolsteiner Football Edition 2021 shows flag(s)
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All of Gerolsteiner Brunnen's PET disposable containers are already made of 50 percent recycled PET. Gerolsteiner plans to increase the recycled PET share to 75 percent in 2021 and is committed to closed packaging cycles. Since 2020, Gerolsteiner Brunnen has been climate-neutral at the site and along the entire value chain and is the first German mineral water company to commit to the 1.5° target, according to which the global temperature increase due to the greenhouse effect is to be limited to a maximum of 1.5°C by 2030.

Gerolsteiner intends to further expand its market leadership among branded mineral waters, relying on innovative containers and products, as well as limited promotions such as the current soccer edition. 

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