Gold status for Wodka Gorbatschow

New Limited Edition Wodka Gorbatschow 100 Years on sale from November

New Limited Edition Wodka Gorbatschow 100 Years on sale from November
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Wodka Gorbatschow is celebrating its 100th brand anniversary this year - and is giving itself and its fans a present with the new Limited Edition Wodka Gorbatschow 100 Jahre in a hip gold look. It bears the signature of rap legend Eko "Freezy" Fresh on the label, who previously dedicated the anniversary anthem "Halt mein Glas" (Hold my glass) to Germany's best-selling spirit1. A QR code on the back label of the limited edition leads directly to the video clip on the YouTube channel of Wodka Gorbatschow. There, the song already has more than half a million video views. Vodka Gorbatschow 100 Jahre in the 0.7-liter bottle will be available nationwide in food retailers throughout Germany and in the Henkell Freixenet online store ( from mid-November at an RRP of 8.49 euros.

"With its extraordinary design, the new Limited Edition of Wodka Gorbatschow is an absolute eye-catcher on the sales floor and has the potential to become a real collector's item" is Jan Rock, Global Head of Corporate Communications at Henkell Freixenet, convinced: "We are proud of this further highlight for the 100th anniversary of Wodka Gorbatschow, the number 1 vodka brand in Germany."

Strong staging sets buying impulses in the trade
In retail, attractive displays with prominent integration of Eko Fresh ensure an attention-grabbing staging and thus set buying impulses. In addition to the golden limited edition, the mixed displays also present the classic " Wodka Gorbatschow 37.5% vol. vodka. The launch of the Limited Edition is supported by a high-reach digital campaign. The entire content was once again conceived, produced and packaged in over 20 different advertising formats in collaboration with the digital studio and multi-platform network Studio71, with whom the rapper is signed.

The 0.7-liter bottle of the anniversary edition of Wodka Gorbatschow 100 Jahre will be available in food retailers throughout Germany from mid-November 2021 at an RRP of 8.49 euros - while supplies last, of course.

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